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This site is run by UK UFO Researcher Roy J Hale. After many years of compiling UFO experiences from people and carrying out many UFO investigations and now having quite a large UFO archive of DATA, it is time to get the UFO topic out to the public of not just the UK but the world ! Now in 2019 we are faced with ever more strange and wonderful craft /UFOs/light shows and weird phenomena than ever before, and with such websites as youtube, we can now see a great array of footage from around the world, some obviously fake and CGI made, but others are very interesting to say the least ..But the question we must now ask ourselves is...As a world community of UFO researchers /seekers /buffs / investigators.....are we any nearer to open UFO contact with any ET / Alien race than we were ever before? Come on in..and help solve that question !  



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